Slides from My Style & Class Presentation

Kicking off 2015 with even more public speaking…last night I gave a short talk at the Style & Class meet-up about Pattern Lab and the benefit of building interactive HTML prototypes. The theme for the evening was “design storytelling” and the angle of my presentation was

Slides from My “App-ifying WordPress” Talk

Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at WordCamp Vancouver 2014. The talk that I gave—which was a 30,000 ft. view of using WordPress as an application platform—was basically the culmination of a half-hearted promise I made to myself after leaving the same WordCamp last

By Popular Request, v2 of Isotope Posts

Just over a year ago I posted my Isotope Posts plugin on Github. I originally built the plugin for a personal project where I wanted to display a loop of WordPress posts using Metafizzy’s Isotope plugin, and then allow snazzy filtering of the posts based on a custom

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About Mandi

I’m Mandi Wise, a web developer by day (and usually by night too).

I specialize in custom WordPress plugin and theme development but I came from the world of content strategy and web writing, which I think gives me a more well-rounded approach to web development today. I also dabble in Meteor to keep things interesting.

I know you need more than a structurally sound website for it to serve as an effective communication tool. You need balanced attention paid to the content, design, and technology elements of your web presence.

Making these things work together like a well-oiled machine is what I do best.

And after all of that time in front of a screen, I maintain my sanity making use of a fleet of vintage cameras and fridge full of film. Call me nostalgic, but nothing beats the sound a Polaroid SX-70 camera makes the moment it ejects a new photo. Although the shutter of a Hasselblad 500C/M does come a close second. That camera definitely doesn’t show up to mess around.

I’d love to chat, so drop me a line or find me at a WordPress meet-up in Vancouver.