A Little Author List Widget for WordPress

As is so often the case with my self-inflicted WordPress projects, a straightforward idea quickly snowballed into something that took ten times longer to code than expected. Luckily, I had some free time to obsess over the finer details of my latest inspiration last week, so without further ironic adieu I present to you A Very Simple Author List Widget.

Sure, there are dozens of other author list widgets out there, but rather than overwhelm you with endless options this one strives to make your life easier by extracting the fuss and muss out of a simple task such as listing all of the authors of your multi-author blog in its sidebar (or other widget-ized area).

The (selectively) minimal feature set:

  • You add a heading for your author list, decide whether to display Gravatars next to the author names (with three sizes available), and also remove specific users the list (say, the site admins perhaps?).
  • Author biographical info displays below the names provided something exists in that field in user profiles on the WP admin side.
  • Author names and Gravatar images automatically link to respective archive pages.

You can learn more about the widget, or download/fork it on Github.

Let's talk this out, shall we?