I’m Mandi, and as you may have guessed, I’m the one who runs things around here.

My fate was probably sealed at the age of 8 when my grandparents bought a 386 and I subsequently spent many weekends learning the ins and outs of MS-DOS and Windows 3.1 together with my grandma.

Today, I parlay my tech passion, my work experience with a variety of NPOs, and an MA in communication studies into working with people, businesses, and organizations who believe that websites should be strategic communication tools, not just online brochures.

I’m also a leo and an INFJ (…it explains a lot).


My so-far career path has been a winding road that led me right back to one of my life-long passions—building things on the web.

I started out creating unimaginably embarrassing Geocities sites as a teenager, took a short detour through a liberal artsy undergraduate degree that I thought would lead me to a career in theatrical costume design, ended up going back to school to earn a masters degree where my research focus was environmental communication, worked in content strategy and web editing for a few years, then finally circled all the way back to my one true love, web development.

These days, WordPress is my weapon of choice, but I’ve been dabbling in Meteor too.

Occasionally Unplugged

When I manage to tear myself away from my computer for a few moments, you’ll probably find me in Edmonton, AB Vancouver, BC squinting through the viewfinder of a vintage film camera, or enjoying a mostly snow-free lifestyle (how novel!) with my husband and two mutts, Dexter and Gomez.