List of Awesome, Vol. 1

Inspired by Danielle LaPorte’s second installment of the best list ever last week, I thought I’d also share a few of my current favourite things:

99% [web magazine]

For daily doses of creative inspiration and tips on productivity and follow-through.

TeuxDeux [web and iPhone app]

Teuxdeux is hands-down the best to-do app I’ve ever used (and I can say that with authority because I’ve tried a lot of them). It’s simple, it syncs, and it’s sexy. Love it.

The Information [book]

I finished this book about a month ago and it’s still on my mind. The Information is a meaty exploration of the history of information and related theory, which (I admit) may sound like a bit snoozer to anyone but self-professed geeks.

However, James Gleick is a masterful storyteller and has a knack for turning accounts of scientific history and explanations of dense theory into a page turner. This is one of the few books that I will make a point of reading more than once.

IA Writer [iPad app]

The perfect, portable, distraction-free writing app (bonus: it syncs beautifully with Dropbox). I usually hack out the first draft of my blog posts here.

Grammarly Handbook [reference]

A handy, easy-to-browse website for grammar rules and tips.

Instacast [iPhone app]

For anyone who loves podcasts, Instacast will make managing your subscriptions and caching your favourite episodes effortless. Without a doubt, $1.99 well-spend.

RSA Animate [videos]

What do you get when you combine a leading-edge thinker, an audio excerpt from one of their talks, and a whiteboard pen? You get RSA Animate. Absolutely mesmerizing visualizations that are worth 10 minutes of your time to watch.

Mailplane [Mac app]

I love Gmail, but find it utterly distracting to have it open in a regular web browser while I’m working. Mailplane gives you the best of both worlds (desktop email client + web-based mail) and makes managing multiple Gmail accounts a breeze.

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