Magic Picture-Making Machine

We got off easy last winter, but we’re paying for it spades this year. Snow, ice, cold—you name it. (Will I miss this when we uproot and head to Vancouver in a few weeks? We will see.)  Having finally laid my poor 3GS to rest, I gave my film cameras and DSLR a break and quickly snapped a few wintery photos one recent afternoon at my in-laws’ cabin using my shiny new iPhone 5, basking in its eight megapixel glory.

Sure the images are a little soft, and if I was really serious about taking photos that afternoon I would have pulled out a DSLR or some medium format film. But at least as long as that new iPhone smell lasts, I think I’ll still be in awe that my current phone produces nearly double the megapixels that my first (clunky, expensive, etc.) digital camera could. See Clarke’s Third Law.

Evergreens, etc.LightsOld tobogganTrees (various views)Stacked logs

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