A Very Simple Author List Widget

A simple, lightweight widget that allows you to display site authors with details (descriptions, bios, titles, etc.) and with or without their Gravatar images. Names and Gravatars are directly linked to author archive pages. A handy plugin for multi-author blogs.

Some Widget FAQs

 Where do the author details come from?

This text is pulled from the “Biographical Info” field in each users’ profile in the WordPress admin area.

 What Gravatar sizes are available? Can they be hidden?

Gravatar display is optional and you can choose to display them at 16, 32, or 48 pixels.

 Can I exclude authors from the list?

Absolutely! Simply type the user login of each user you want to remove from the list (comma separated, no spacecs) in the “Exclude these users” field of the widget settings.

 How do I adjust styles?

The css contained in the “style.css” file is relatively basic (largely designed to suit the Twenty Twelve theme as a default). Adjust as you see fit, but be sure to back up your changes if you update or reinstall the plugin.

Is it localized?

Yes, but no translations are available quite yet.

Aren’t there already a thousand other author list widgets out there?

Probably. But this one doesn’t weigh you down with excessive options. No fuss, no muss.

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