Basic Blank [Retired]

Basic Blank is a no-frills starter theme for WordPress development. It started out as a lightly modified version of Chris Coyier’s BLANK theme, but morphed extensively over time to include HTML5 elements and some other modern WordPress goodness.

Keep in mind that Basic Blank is just that – a very simple starter theme that has worked well as a base for my projects, and I’m sharing for any and all to customize to their hearts’ content. Happy coding.

If you’re looking for a more robust starter theme solution, you may want to check out Roots, Bones, or Underscores.

Basic Blank’s Features

  • RSS links added to the head section, and other unnecessary links are removed
  • Support for a custom navigation menu, custom header, custom background, and post thumbnails added (remove as you see fit)
  • Loads the Google-hosted jQuery library (1.9.1)
  • Sidebar is widgetized and ready to go
  • A thoughtfully organized `style.css` file intended for speedy styling

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