Flickr by Albums

With the Flickr by Albums plugin you can display thumbnail-style galleries of complete Flickr albums using a simple shortcode in your WordPress posts or pages.

Some Features

  • Works with Flickr’s SSL-only API (non-SSL API deprecated on June 27, 2014).
  • Create large (150px) or small (75px) square thumbnail galleries.
  • Add a class to the link that wraps the thumbnails to do nifty things like lightbox the full version of the image when the user clicks it.

Wondering why you need to get your own Flickr API key to use this widget?

Take this under good authority: it’s better to be in control of your own API key. If you rely on a plugin developer to supply an API key for you, and that developer then closes their Flickr account or otherwise vanishes into thin air, then the Flickr feed(s) on your website will stop working.

Don’t worry, registering for the Flickr API isn’t as onerous as it sounds (and you don’t need to to know anything about web development to do it).

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