Recently on Flickr Widget

A light-weight plugin that allows you to display your most recent Flickr photos in your sidebar, either as small or large square thumbnails.

It has just enough CSS to show the photos as a basic grid in your sidebar, so you can easily enhance their display by adding your own styles on top of that. It also works with Flickr’s SSL-only API (the non-SSL API was deprecated on June 27, 2014).

The plugin uses a Flickr API key instead of RSS to fetch your photos, so you won’t be limited to displaying only 20 photos at once.

Some FAQs

Why do I need to get my own Flickr API key to use this widget?

Take this under good authority: it’s better to be in control of your own API key. If you rely on a plugin developer to supply an API key for you, and that developer then closes their Flickr account or otherwise vanishes into thin air, then the Flickr feed(s) on your website will stop working.

Don’t worry, registering for the Flickr API isn’t as onerous as it sounds (and you don’t need to to know anything about web development to do it).

Why doesn’t my photo feed refresh as soon as I’ve uploaded new photos to my Flickr account?

Making calls to an API can cost you a lot in terms of page load speed, so this widget caches your feed for a duration of time that you specify in the widget options. Flickr also imposes limits on how many queries you can make using your API key every hour. If you have a busy site, then caching is a must.

You can refresh the cache as often as every five minutes, or as infrequently as once per day. The choice is yours, but do keep user experience in mind.

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