Slides from My “Get More Out of Gravity Forms” Talk

I finally got around to summarizing all the ways I bent Gravity Forms to my will while working on the Small Business BC Awards website last year, and tonight I shared some some of what I learned throughout that process in a talk at the Vancouver WordPress Meet-up.

During the presentation I mentioned that I would share my slides afterward so anyone who was interested could grab the links to the code snippets I talked about. So without further adieu…

High Fidelity Version

For the best experience viewing the slides, you’ll want to check out the original HTML version here.

(And for anyone who’s curious, I built this slide deck using the a-mazing reveal.js code library.)

More Portable Version

Alternatively, you can jump over to SlideShare and download the PDF-ified version:

Enjoy! And thanks again to everyone who came out to the meet-up tonight.

Let's talk this out, shall we?