By Popular Request, v2 of Isotope Posts

Just over a year ago I posted my Isotope Posts plugin on Github. I originally built the plugin for a personal project where I wanted to display a loop of WordPress posts using Metafizzy’s Isotope plugin, and then allow snazzy filtering of the posts based on a custom taxonomy.

Apparently I was not alone in wanting to do such a thing—since I posted Isotope Posts I’ve received a lot of great feedback from people who have downloaded the plugin. However, time and time again the same two feature requests popped up. The first was to allow users to save multiple Isotope Posts shortcodes in the settings area so that Isotope could be used for different post loops throughout a site. The second feature request was to add pagination, as the plugin was initially designed to show all posts from a post type at once (understandably problematic for many use cases).

So after a few months of plugging away at this (wherever I could eke out some free time…) I’ve finally posted a completely refactored version of Isotope Posts on Github that adds supports for saving multiple Isotope Posts shortcodes as well as a pagination option using infinite scroll. It also uses the most recent release of Metafizzy’s Isotope plugin.

We’ll call this a soft-launch of v2 because there may still be a few bugs to sort with the new features that have been added, so if you stumble on any weirdness please report it in the Issues section of the Github repo.


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  1. Hi Mandi,
    Just got around to using your plug-in and it’s deadly!
    Had one issue though and I’m hoping you can help – I’m using a custom post type with custom fields (using ACF plugin) – one of the fields is an image (named product_image). At the minute only the product title is appearing on the isotope page gallery – what would I need to do to have my image also appear? Change name of field to something in particular maybe?


    • Hi Mandi,
      Kind of figured it out,
      I just went into the class-isotope-posts.php page and altered the output hmtl/php inside the li element to match how I wanted each item to look, hope that’s okay!
      Would be difficult to make it easier for people to do this I guess! Possibly having a html/php editor window on your Isotope Posts page to allow people edit what’s inside the isotope li elements – not sure how you would do that though, or if it’s even possible!!

      Thanks again for the plugin!

  2. Can this be used with multiple filters? I have an application that needs to filter and display posts by “type of business” , with a secondary filter by “city”.

    Thank you!

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