Why Good Enough Isn’t Good Enough

Doing web-based communication right is tough. With few exceptions, it’s time-consuming, complicated, and expensive to get your message in front of the right people.

So it’s not surprising when businesses and organizations resort to half-baked marketing and communication tactics… from social media profiles either abandoned or used merely as supplementary broadcast channels, to poorly produced web content, to lazy (i.e. spammy) email marketing campaigns, mediocrity abounds online. And yet, as Seth Godin so eloquently puts it, “we can’t profitably get more average.”

No matter what your best intentions are, sub-par communication efforts devalue an otherwise excellent product or service (or whatever you’re doing on the web), because no communicative act can ever be seen as extrinsic to the brand it promotes. The medium and manner in which a message is delivered becomes a part of that brand’s story, like it or not.

Ultimately, marketing is the narrative bridge between you knowing what you’re promoting is a perfect solution, and having your audience know the same thing and be willing to act on it. Sloppy communication in this regard thus creates a gap between an audience member’s overall perception and your brand’s desired position. And when this happens, your brand joins the commoditized ranks of other “good enough” brands, which inevitably have no choice but to battle head-to-head on price in a losing race to the bottom.

The take-away from my tiny rant? Do what you need to do to ensure that the tactics you employ to market a product, service, or cause evoke the right gut feeling about your brand. Resist the pressure and temptation to settle for good enough.

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